What Is Energy Smart Long Island?

EnergySmart Long Island is the easy way to lower your energy bills. If you qualify, you will enjoy lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint - for a cleaner, greener Long Island. Best of all, this service is offered at no charge to Long Island homeowners. Plus, we do all the work for you!

EnergySmart Long Island is a partnership
It is a partnership between the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island (OHILI), LI Green and the Collaborative Energy Group. Each of these organizations was developed to educate Long Islanders about energy conservation and helping consumers make smart energy choices.

You can trust EnergySmart Long Island
In fact, you already know and trust us. EnergySmart Long Island is a voluntary affiliation of local Oilheat dealers - but your home doesn't have to be heated with oil for you to enjoy the benefits of this program. If you are an Oilheat customer on Long Island, you can relax knowing that the local fuel oil dealer you already rely on may already be a partner. And if your local dealer does not participate, you can still qualify for the program.

We're well-connected
EnergySmart Long Island coordinates energy efficiency services provided through state and federal governments, including Green Jobs Green New York (GJGNY), Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES), and the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Not only do these programs assure you that the contractors and technicians coming into your home have met the strictest training and certification requirements, they also qualify you to receive low-interest loans and may even offer additional rebates or tax incentives for your home improvement. Service Man

Your personal home energy efficiency advisor
The first step to energy savings is a no-cost home energy consultation with your personal home energy efficiency advisor - it's like having your own personal "energy conservation specialist." Your personal home energy efficiency advisor will work with you from start to finish and will be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • Determine how concerned you are about saving energy
  • Locate the best government and utility programs for your conservation needs - such as low-interest loans, financing, rebates and other incentives
  • Complete all paperwork to engage in these programs
But really ... aren't you just trying to sell me something?
Absolutely not! Your EnergySmart Long Island personal home energy efficiency advisor will not try to sell you anything, and has no financial stake in your decisions. In fact, we guarantee that there are no sales pitches, no gimmicks, no tricks and no obligations. There is absolutely no cost to you for the services provided by EnergySmart Long Island.

We want to reiterate - this is a voluntary program paid for by local Oilheat dealers to help you use less energy. Gas utilities are mandated to perform audits; costs are paid through rates, fees and government subsidies ... which all come out of consumers' pockets. Gas companies also receive decoupling dollars - they are paid by the government to get their customers to reduce energy use. On the other hand, Oilheat dealers participating in EnergySmart Long Island are using their own money to support this program, which will allow homeowners like you to use less home heating fuel (among other savings the program helps you realize)!

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